Thursday, 9 April 2015

Leaflet Inserts in Mumbai

When you are looking at Advertising Your Brand,your resources may not allow you to invest in some of the costly ads that you see on tv,radios or Newspaper. This is when you should know more about why you should use a Flyer Distribution or Leaflet Distribution organization such as ours, to help you in getting your Advertsing needs fulfilled. The first purpose you should use our organization is the price is rather low. Second the leaflet distribution can help you reach a targeted audience group, instead of people who will never visit you.Lastly this kind of promotion allows you arrive  out to individuals who you may have never reached beforehand.The first purpose to use this is the price of the ads you are getting done is rather low. Now if you are having a tv ad run or stations ad you have to get it documented in a studio or some other place. When you are operating your ads by using a Flyers, you just have to get them printed up and have us distributed them for you over the place that you want to cover.Second flyer distribution can help you arrive at a Targeted Audiences When you arrive at the Targeted Audiences you do not have to be worried about the clients having to generate so far they cannot invest any cash, but you can also have the targeted area to be done on what you may consider your pitch.Lastly this promotion will help you sketch in clients to you. When you are able to sketch in the clients you can begin to see more revenue arriving up. Then you can improve your promotion or even the items you are providing to make sure you have more clients arriving in. Without this kind of changes, you may have problems in maintaining your clients satisfied or even arriving into the company all enough time. Getting have fun with your company can be a advantage. However, if you are operating low on promotion resources it can be difficult have fun with operating the company. Now you know about the low price of promotion with a Flyer Distribution or Leaflet Distribution organization, instead of the wide swath of using a radio or television stations ad.  Then you can start to see the results which can help you increase your advertising budget even more to continue to grow your company.

Pamphlet Distribution in Mumbai

Pamphlet Distribution is still a very well-known promotion strategy for companies. But how useful is it for you? If you have been looking at different kinds of promotion and trying to choose which is best, this content may help you to choose whether Pamphlet Distribution is the best way of promotion for you.
If you are considering different advertising models, have you ever regarded the advantages of Pamphlet marketing? It is still one of the most well-known and efficient kinds of promotion, even though more recent kinds of internet promotion are increasing in reputation. It can be used by companies both small and big, and can still be very efficient. Here are a few of the the reason why Pamphlet Distribution may be perfect for your organization.

A Cost-Effective Marketing Technique
Price is always a concern when it comes to promotion. After all, you want to accomplish a excellent ROI from your promotion initiatives. With Pamphlet promotion you have a very cost-effective strategy, and this creates it very attractive.
There are also methods that you can create it even less expensive. If you get your Print,Design and distribution performed by the same organization then you can preserve even more cash, creating it even more eye-catching.
With  doorstep promotion you should keep in mind that the quantity you invest is low when you consider the number of individuals you can arrive at with your actual Pamphlet, and this is one of the the reason why it is so eye-catching to companies of all sizes.

Great Way to Focus on Local Customers
If you are focusing on clients in a particular place, Pamphlet Distribution and other kinds of door-to-door emailing can be very efficient. You will be able to focus on places as particularly as you want to, even particular roads if necessary. You will also be able to protect a huge regional place which will help to make sure that you get your concept before the sight of the individuals who issue to your organization.

Make Your Marketing Count for More
Always analyse all the potential marketing benefits of any techniques before you invest in them, and it is a good idea to try to experiment with a few different techniques. But Pamphlet distribution should definitely be one of the main techniques to consider. With so many benefits, it really could play an important role in your own marketing efforts, so make sure you consider door-to-door mailing in the future.

Monday, 6 May 2013

Newspaper Inserts Vs Direct Mail

Research from New Zealand's Newspaper Advertising Bureau compared the performance of newspaper inserts against unaddressed mail.

 Junk mail vs Direct Mail
Media vs Medium

Unaddressed Mail is not a Media. It does not deliver news or broad information. It is explicitly an advertising medium. Daily Newspapers are a trusted and traditional media that offers consumers a wide range of price point comparison and information.
Trusted media vs ‘Junk Mail’

Many people associate Unaddressed Mail as ‘Junk Mail’ and request it to not be delivered to their letterboxes. Daily Newspapers are a traditional and accepted media that is welcomed into consumers’ homes on a daily basis – consumers make a conscious choice to purchase and read.
 Newspapers are welcomeFine line between unadressed mail and junk mail-
50% of the people in the top 3 socio-economic groups throw away unaddressed mail, and 44%agree that free ads or circulars are a nuisance.
 People keep newspaper insertsNewspaper inserts are non-intrusive
In contrast, over half of this coveted target group agree that newspaper advertising is non-intrusive. And of all people aged 15+ who have read a daily newspaper in the last 7 days, 1.2 million saved an advertisement or coupon.
The table below represents people who have actually bought something as the result of seeing it advertised* in daily newspapers vs unadressed mail.

purchases from Newspapers inserts vs unaddressed mail

Research conducted in 2009 from Newspaper Association of America show similar trends. They found newspaper readers value insert advertising with 73% of adults regularly or occasionally reading inserts, while 82% have been spurred to action by a newspaper insert in the month prior to their study.
Download a PDF of this information below or visit the NAB for more information.

Want more information?

  • Newspaper vs Mailbox: Australian research into the relevance and effectiveness of newspaper inserts when compared to mailbox drops.
  • Asda newspaper inserts: This UK case study showed that newspapers carrying Asda's Christmas Gift Guide out-performed door-drop leaflet distribution.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Even Big Budgeted Films Like Gangs of Wasseypur Makes use of Newspaper Inserts to Promote its Film.

Whether it is a car, software or toothpaste marketing these days determines either is it a hit or flop product. The case of movies is no different. In recent years movies have made money and declared as blockbusters not only for the good content and star cast but also for the innovative marketing activities which has get the attention of the masses and media alike, making the name and characters of the movie, “talk of the town. It is probably for the first time in case of an Anurag Kashyap film that a budget of Rs 5 cr has been allotted for marketing and promotion for a Rs 9 cr film. 'Audacious' only begins to describe the campaigning thus far The marketing team of gangs of Wasseypur has hired professional graffiti artists from well-known colleges like J.J College of arts to do designs on outdoor walls in all major cities. These beautiful graffiti designs attracted the major population in these cities. This was done to add value to movie in box office window. Keeping the language and setup of the film the Gangs of Wasseypur key dialogues such as “goli nahi marenge”, “keh ke lenge”, has been painted on walls across 20 cities. This was one of the cost effective means adopted to reach the audience. Apart from these they have also circulated over 2 lakhs Newspaper inserts and around 1000 hoardings have been put up in Mumbai and Delhi in a time frame of one week. Speaking about the marketing strategy, Vikram Malhotra, CEO, Viacom 18, said, "The GOW2'election campaign' strategy takes off from where GOW1's left. The main objective was to create clutter-breaking, in-your-face advertising served up in an environment that you'd least expect it in. We shot both parts together for better cost control and economics, and kept part 2 absolutely ready for release, with the confidence that when part 1 does well, part 2 will follow closely." According to a source close to the project, posters of Nawazuddin Siddique were put up because while he is a known face in the urban market, there was a need to make his face familiar to a larger audience. Hence, a decision was taken to flood the market. Website: NewspaperInsertion Mumbai

Subscribers want Newspaper Inserts, not junk mails

We all like receiving freebies be it coupons or other offers. But, which is the most preferred way to receive them is very much debatable. Marketers are switching on to newer and technologically advanced methods to promote their product or services, but traditional media has not lost its effectiveness.
In December 2012, Valassis (VCI), one of the US's leading media and marketing services companies, announced results from its Consumer Print Usage Survey. Results indicate that while digital is key with Millennial shoppers (ages 18-34), traditional print media also plays an important role in the group's shopping routines and are not only instrumental in decision-making, but often serve as a catalyst to online shopping.
Valassis' Consumer Print Usage Survey revealed 91% of Millennial who use newspaper inserts do so to save money, and 60% said they would shop less without newspaper inserts. Newspaper inserts guide Millennials prior to shopping in several ways: by alerting them to sales (68%); driving them to purchase (51%); reminding them of a need (46%); helping them decide where to buy (35%); and alerting them of a product or service (26%). Survey results also uncovered 30% of millennial newspaper insert users go online after seeing a product or service in a newspaper insert.
The survey also provides insights into Millennial shopping behaviors and the role newspaper inserts play in the shopping routines of this deal-seeking generation.  The survey platform was selected based on its history of heavy millennial use 86% of Millennials visit Facebook every day.
In addition, the study also found that millennial shoppers use newspaper inserts when choosing restaurants, apparel, telecom products and services and more:
87% of Millennials who use newspaper inserts utilize them regularly or occasionally when selecting a restaurant;
84% of Millennials use inserts to find coupons or discounts when shopping for apparel, and 71% use inserts to find the best price; and
64% of Millennials who use newspaper inserts look to them when making decisions on telecom products and services.
Newspaper inserts, on average, are kept in homes for 3 or more days (62 percent keep them 3 or more days). Heavy insert users, particularly women, keep inserts much longer and inserts from product categories that are more expensive purchases are also kept longer. One-fourth of readers keep inserts that interest them a week. 35 percent of all women age 35-54 keep preprints at least a week, as do 34 percent of African Americans.
On the other hand, junk mails are very less appreciated by all. Last year, Americans were sent about 84 billion pieces of junk mail, according to the U.S. Post Office, and they have apparently had enough.
Frustration with mailboxes cluttered with fliers and catalogs has finally caught up with junk mail companies, and it's been a long time coming, study researchers say, as junk mail makes up about 50% of all mail delivered in the U.S. today.
India has become the top spam-spewing nation on the planet, suggests a report.
Compiled by security firm Sophos, the report ranks nations by the amount of junk mail routed through computers in each country.
India has jumped to the top of the spam chart in less than a year, rapidly overtaking the US, said Sophos. About 10% of all junk mail sent across the web came from or passed through computers in India, said the firm. India's rapid rise up the chart of spam producers has been helped by the rapid growth of the web in the country.